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Core Mission

To empower people and communities


Core Capabilities and Contributions

  1. Plan for School and Life: public seminars, online resources, and equipping of Teachers, Students, Parents, Boards, and other Best-Self Leaders who equip Citizens to write Plans for the 7 Areas of Life to earn empowerment better and faster.
  2. Best-Self Leadership: Education and Development Courses, Seminars, Coaching, Books, and tools for leaders of communities, schools, colleges, service organizations, families and teams to develop people and processes needed to succeed and sustain.
  3. Advance Alabama:  Leadership and Community Development Planning, Advice, and Projects assisting leaders wanting positive change for communities and state).

Profile Purpose, Progress, Plans, People

Initiatives include Public Service Branding Birmingham as Freedom City where Freedom Lives before the World Games, with Freedom to Flourish resources for teachers, journalists, and historians to use teaching National Veterans Day Founding and National Veteran Award, Human Rights Movement, Plan for School & Life. 

Program & Project Pages

The 7 Areas of Life & 7 Best Practices in the Personal Leadership Model taught in public seminars, college classes, and corporate training since 1988. As a companion to this model, we recommend the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Dr. Stephen Covey, who taught at our national leadership seminar at BSC in 1993.

About Life Leaders

Page for Financial Partners Funding the Mission

 Founder & Director Dr. David Dyson can help you to:

  • speak to your group via events, radio, television...

  • work with school leaders, boards, and foundations on helping students prepare better with Plans for School and Life, Why we have Freedom to Flourish, and History of How Veterans Day was founded in Alabama often missing from lessons

  • college lectures on Plan for the 7 Areas of Life, Professional Plans, Best-Self Leadership, Earning Empowerment Better and Faster, True Professionals...

  • advise/assist your agency devoted to education, people development, or tourism to Brand Birmingham and Advance Alabama...

  • learn of Progress, Plans, and Possibilities as a member, sponsor, or partner.

For Service or Information
205.670.1733 or 205.422.6484
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This Work is Supported by people wanting plans, actions, and results--those who give service and resources to support service.

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Life Leaders is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization registered in Alabama providing public service primarily benefiting education and community development supported by leaders who provide grants, sponsorships, financial and non-cash donations, and service to advance their callings and ours. We welcome meetings to discuss your preferences, plans, and possibilities together.

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